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Can I have pregnancy symptoms 2 weeks after conception?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Can you have any pregnancy symptoms 2 weeks after conception? i had sex with my bf on the 5th of July and on Saturday morning i started to feel sick, since then it just been getting worst, as i am having nauseas and dizziness, I've been having nauseas at 4am which automatically gets me out of bed. and i work in a coffee shop,for the last 4 days i have been feeling like vomiting all the time I've been feeling very tiered.is there a chance i could be pregnant?


Pregnancy symptoms are unlikely to appear 2 weeks after conception. Beta-hCG is the usual hormone that is being detected in home pregnancy test kits; this hormone peaks at around 5-10 weeks after conception; this is also the hormone responsible for the nausea and vomiting. If you had sex a few to several weeks prior, it is still possible you are pregnant. Your symptoms are very non-specific (meaning a whole lot of other conditions may have similar signs and symptoms). To be sure, do a home pregnancy test, and do this in the morning (first morning urine upon waking up); the urine during this time has the highest detectable amount of hormones. If it turns out negative and you still don’t have a period, do it again after another week. I do hope this helps and take care always.

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