Can I start the pill without starting my period?

Patient: I was prescribed Beyaz birth control a few weeks ago, and was told that I should start it the Sunday after my period starts or the day it starts. My periods are pretty irregular, and I haven’t gotten my period yet this month but I know that I am not pregnant. If I start the pill without starting my period, will it still be active after a week, and would I get a period this month?

Symptoms: Irregular period

Doctor: Hello,it is not advisable to start the pill without menses as it is always required to rule out pregnancy in any case of missed or delayed periods. If you have delayed your periods by more than 7 days then rule out pregnancy with a urine pregnancy test and if the periods are not resumed then you may opt withdrawal bleed with progestins.You should start a fresh pack only from DAY 1 of the menses or withdrawal bleed and that would offer better protection and bring about regularity in your cycle more reliably.I hope i have answered your query in detail ,wishing you good health,regards