Can I Still Grow?

Patient: Hi, I’m Marsha. Here is some of my info- I’m Asian, female, 15 years old.- I’m 154 cm. Usually my weight is around 45-46 kg on busy school days. But I’m currently 48 kg.- My first period is around 10 or 11 years old.- I have bad eating habit and I skip meal a lot.- I have gastritis and my father has diabetes.- I exercise once a weekAm I too small for an Asian girl my age? I’ve also measured my height a year ago and nothing have changed until now. I do gain my weight but can I still grow taller?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your height of 154cm places you at normal stature for a girl your age. You can potentially grow some more up to the age of 18 after which growth stops. Height is determined by the genes inherited by your parents, and is partially affected by nutrition. In order to reach your optimal predetermined height, it is important that you maintain proper nutrition and exercise regularly. It is also important that you are evaluated by your doctor to determine if you are suffering from any nutritional deficiencies which can be effecting your growth. Please consult your doctor in person for more detail.Thank you for consulting