Can i stop my period with birth control pill

Patient: I have been on tri sprintec for over a year and have started having a constant period for over two months now. I am not able to get into my obgyn an d am leaving Sunday for a cruise ­čÖü how can I alter my pill pack to stop this in the next few days?? Currently on my second row in the pack and do have new packs if needed. Help! Can I double or triple up? New pack or this

Doctor: Altering the normal physiology of menstruation is a tricky affair and most doctors will advice┬áyou to keep menstruation free and unhampered. Your bleeding in between periods could be the result of a side effect of the drug. However, there are certain situations when one will find an extreme need to postpone menstruation. You can continue taking the oral contraceptive pill, take the first set – skip the placebo pills and immediately start on the next cycle of pills.