Can I take DayQuil and Zyrtec d? Not at the

Patient: Can I take DayQuil and Zyrtec d? Not at the same time but within the same few hours.

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. I understand your concern.There is no point in taking both of them at nearby same time. This is because the composition of both of them is almost the same. There is hardly any difference as far as the composition is concerned, because both have anti-allergics and decongestants of the same group.Taking an extra dose will just cause you sedation and not extra relief in the cough symptoms.I would advice you to start doing steam inhalation that will help you a lot in relieving the symptoms.Just take either Dayquil or Zyretac-D as advised by your doctor.Share my opinion with your doctor.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy

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Patient: Is it dangerous to take them together though? I am taking Zyrtec D for my allergies, but I also have a cold and DayQuil helps relieve my cough and sore throat. This allergy season has been rough and neither are working well enough on their own.