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Can I take guaifenesin? The bottle says to ask a

Patient: Can I take guaifenesin?The bottle says to ask a doctor if the cough is accompanied by a fever.I don’t currently have a fever, but the past two nights, I’ve had a fever between 100-103 F.I’ve already been to my primary doctor, she tested me for the flu and a urinary tract infection, I have neither.I’ve got essentially what feels like the flu. The body aches and high fever are only at night. I do have a sore throat (helping that with acetaminophen, menthol drops, and a vinegar, water, cinnamon, and honey mixture).I’ve just got what feels like something stuck in the back of my throat. It feels like I could cough it up if I tried extremely hard, but with a combination of the sore throat and headache, I can’t do that, and I feel like 400mg guaifenisin would probably help.I am going back to my doctor again, within the next few days, depending on how bad I am.I apologize for miss-choosing the appropriate category, I couldn’t find one that really fit better.



Symptoms: Body aches, general weakness, malaise, headache, sore throat, fever.



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, elucidate history about your symptoms, medication history, symptoms and the medical history; all at a time at such a tender age.Are you sure you need so many medicines?Guaifenesin may not help in your present problem as it is an expectorant.You can try steam inhalations and warm saline gargles. These will relieve you more than any medication.In addition you are already taking so many medicines and can have possible interactions; hence do not take this medicines unless asked by your treating Doctor.Hope this helps.

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Patient: Thank you for your reply.
Most of the symptoms went away around a day after I posted this, except: the sore throat got worse, and so did the fever. I looked towards the back of my throat with a mirror and a flashlight, and noticed some white spots all over.
I ended up going to an urgent care center (it was the weekend, GP’s office wasn’t open), and I was prescribed a 5-day pack of azithromycin, as well as recommended phenol throat spray.
The doctor there took one look at my throat and said “Oh yeah, something’s definitely going on.”
Odd thing was, I was tested for strep throat, both an instant test and a culture; both came back negative.
1 spray of phenol (the dose it said on the bottle) didn’t work at first, about 15 minutes in started working a little, then stopped, then helped, and back and forth for a bit. I found that a drink made from water, apple juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, and cinnamon (which was surprisingly tasty) helped a lot better, and gave pretty much immediate relief that lasted several minutes (just small sips).
But nonetheless, the antibiotics knocked out whatever it was about the 3rd day in. (I still took the rest of the pack, don’t worry.)


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