Can I take two allergy medications daily?

Patient: This is my first spring season experiencing pollen allergies. I’m 42 and have been trying the top 3 (claritin, zyrtec and allegra). I was wondering since they each have a different ingredient can you take more than one? Allegra seems to help but I have also found that the Zyrtec ingredient found in some cold medicines helps me when I am outdoors for 4 hours a day. Is there anything wrong in taking both daily?

Doctor: In general, antihistamine side effects include drowsiness affecting your ability to drive, operate machines or think cle arly,dry mouth and eyes, abdominal pain, headaches etc. Although claritin, zyrtec and allegra are second generation or newer drugs that are much less likely to cause these side effects, taking two allergy medications at a time may increase the severity of these side effects and may affect your daily activities.