Can I use Tampons when on Antibiotics?

Patient: I am taking pills for a Bacterial Infection and i am on my period. Is it okay for me to use tampons while taking these pills?

Doctor: Antibiotics are a leading cause of yeast infections in women, and the reason for this is that while the antibiotics work to kill the bacteria in your body to treat the illness that you have, the antibiotic will also kill the good bacteria that we have in our bodies naturally to keep our vaginal pH in check, and a yeast infection is a nasty result of having to take antibiotics. Wear loose fitting underwear, and avoid wearing tampons if you are on your period while taking antibiotics. Change your sanitary pad often, to avoid irritating the vagina and allow bacteria to breed and lead to a yeast infection. Keep the vaginal area dry as much as possible with cotton underwear, and shower or bathe daily to help keep the vaginal area clean.