Can inguinal hernia cause testicular pain?

Patient: My husband, James, had an inguinal hernia protrude in early March 2011. Hernia protruded, pain developed in left testicle. Mesh repair surgery March 22, 2011. Surgeon said testicular pain not uncommon with an inguinal hernia and should go away after hernia is repaired. It did not, so he prescribed a 10 day course of antibiotics, no change. Testicular pain is constant 7 and spikes to 10 on pain scale with no known cause for spikes. Surgeon sent to Urologist who sent for ultrasound which showed no cause for testicular pain. Prescribed a 30 day course of different antibiotic. No change, prescribed course of steroids. No change. Sent to an Anesthesiologist and Pain Specialist who tried a pain blocking procedure, thinking trapped nerve. Result was during 2 days of testicular pain dropping to a 4, pain was realized at original hernia site. Said might try to find new surgeon to perform exploratory surgery; or try a cryogenic freeze procedure. Four months of constant undiagnosed pain already. All previous Dr.’s not willing to continue care. Advice??? We don’t even know what kind of Dr. to see next.


Doctor: I sympathize with your husband’s discomfort. i realize from your description that he has undergone several tests and see n several doctors. However, he still needs to see a urologist. There is a procedure called Micro surgical denervation of the spermatic cord. He may sometimes be referred to as cord stripping. In this procedure, the nerves that innervate the testicle are “stripped”. This procedure is usually successful at reducing or eliminating pain in persons with similar pain to your husband. ¬†Your husband will need to see a urologist who has specific experience with performing the procedure. ¬†Another option, would be to have the testicle removed. though this option has not been as successful in eliminating the pain as “cord stripping”.


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