Can long term use of postinor – two can be detected by a hormone test

Patient: I’ve been experiencing bleeding between peiods for several months. It can be very heavy at times and severe menstrual cramps. Im sexually active and have been taking emergency pills over an year. Could this be the cause.

Doctor: The purpose of Postinor is for emergency contraception only; when you forgot to take use your regular contraceptive meth od.That medication contains a large quantity of hormones and if used frequently alters the hormonal balance of your body. If you would like to avoid unwanted pregnancy in the future, you should comply with a contraceptive method such as pills or injections but you could not rely only in emergency contraception which can also cause spotting or inter menstrual bleeding. I would suggest you to talk to your primary care physician about contraceptive methods, he/she would kindly explain them to you and suggest you the best option.