October 19, 2018

Can masturbated sperm mixed with water get her pregnant

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Patient: Hi, I am in a very stressful situation. See, I started masturbating about a two weeks ago, I did it in the bath tub. I would take a jug and ejaculate in it. I would then wash the jug out after my ejaculation. A few nights ago, I forgot to wash the jug out. 10 min later, my mother then used the jug with semen in it to wash her private part after peeing without knowing. The semen wasn’t dry. When I found out that I forgot, I ran to the washroom to find the jug had no semen in it. Till now, I am so stressed because I don’t know if the semen could make her pregnant. I can’t eat, sleep, or do work because I am constantly thinking about it. I am up all night praying that she is not pregnant. What are the chances of her being pregnant. I keep hearing that sperm dies when it hits oxygen. Please answer honestly. I am going mad. How long would it take to see the signs of pregnancy and what would I do if she is.

Symptoms: Gas

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.If your mother was tubectomized, the possibility of pregnan cy is very less.If she is not tubectomized, the factors to be considered are:Usually the survival time of spermatozoa outside the body is less.That too as they will be diluted in water the possibility of pregnancy is less.The chance also depends on ovulatory period of your mother.If your mother was not around the period of her ovulation at that time, the possibility of pregnancy is very less.Ovulation usually occurs in the middle of the cycle.In case of 28 days cycle, ovulation usually occurs between 12th to 16th days.In case of 30 days cycle, ovulation may occur between 14th to 18th days.If your mother misses her expected date of periods, going for urine pregnancy test is one option to find out the possibility of pregnancy.Take care

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