Can Molar Pregnancy be Caused by Vitamin Deficiency?

Patient: I’ve had two complete molar pregnancies one in May of 08 and September of 09. I also had a miscairrage in January of 2010. It was not a molar pregnancy. I’ve been to several doctors and still have no amswers. I have been taking prenatal vitamins and beta carotene after the second molar. I read somewhere that molar pregnancy could be due to a vitamin a deficiency. I really need answers. I still have hope I just need to find a doctor that will give me the time of day. Any answers/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Doctor: I truly understand your concern about molar your molar pregnancy history. Complete molar pregnancy has only the placenta tissue. This happens when the sperm fertilizes an egg that is empty and because of this the baby is not formed. This placenta grows and in turn produces HCG which is the pregnancy hormone but the ultrasound shows an empty sac. These are not the fault of any person and can be termed accidents of nature. These types of pregnancies are common with older women and in some geographic locations. Most of the molar pregnancies can be seen after the occurrence of a miscarriage. However some can be seen after the occurrence of ectopic pregnancies and normal deliveries. Molar pregnancies are observed in one in every thousand pregnancies in United StatesNot to get pregnant for a minimum of 1 year. Since your true last pregnancy ended in miscarriage; which is related to your previous condition, it would be recommended for you to have a fertility specialist monitor your future pregnancy, usually this matter involves the couple, there are treatments that can help you increase your ovulation and help the fertilized ovum to stay implanted on your uterus, in the meantime you could maintain your vitamins/minerals intake especially containing folate and iron. I wish you the best.