Can my lab results be mixed up at the lab?

Patient: Is it possible for my lab results to be wrong? I took a std test january 10, 2011 because i had these symptoms: bright redness on tip of penis, foul penile odor discharge, warm and hot urinations, frequent urinating, and irritating itching at the tip near my urethra. My lymph nodes were swollen during the time but once the syptoms started to disappear my lymph nodes started to go down. These symptoms lasted for about a week and 4 days. I got my test results last friday and my doctor apointment was this past thursday. I tested negative on everythin but hiv. Every chlamydia symptom possible and i tested hiv positive? Someone tell me there had to be an error. My girlfriend who i had been havin unprotected sex for at least 4-5 monthes experienced lower bak pain and light bleeding once after sex, woman symptom to chlamydia, she took a cotton swab hiv test and it was negative. I tested again and she did a blood test and waitin results. What do u think?