Can my ovulation test prove Im pregnant?

Patient: My pregnancy tests have all came back negative despite my pregnancy symptoms and 2 days ago I think I took my period which arrived 5 days early. However, I had ran out of preg tests so I used ovulation tests instead and I have had 3 positives which must be detecting LH. Perhaps if I am pregnant then the bleeding is due to implantation? Do you think my hcg is too low to be detected on a pregnancy test as my period would have been due in 3 days time? Thank you.

Doctor: I understand your concern about pregnancy detection. The only way to rule out pregnancy is to take a Test for it which w ill detect the Hormone HCG Beta subunit which is the Pregnancy hormone.The best day to do the test is after a week of your menses due date, especially with the first urine of the day since this carries the most concentration of HCG. If the result is positive this time you might want to confirm it with a blood pregnancy test done by your health care provider. I wish you the best.