Can my semen be the reason for infertility problems?

Patient: Hi,We are TTC for almost 2 years. My DH had a semen analysis. The results are:vloume: 3MLcount: 50 Million/MLMotility:rapid progressive:30%slo progressive: 10%non progressive: 60%Morphology:Abnormal: 50%I am afraid whether the motility and morphology is the main issue for our pregnancy. Kindly advice? What can be done further.

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Seeing the semen analysis report if it was done in a reliable lab and with 3-5 days of sexual abstinence, the report does not show parameters which may be responsible for sub or infertility. The count of 50 million with 30% motility and 50% being of normal morphology spermatozoa, it is ok for a man with these parameters to impregnate a woman. If you are too anxious to conceive you can go to a doctor and opt for intrauterine insemination with ovulation induction where in the sample can be concentrated to increase the chances of having a pregnancy. The female parameters also need to be investigated simultaneously regarding ovulation, fallopian tubal patency and uterine factors.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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Patient: Thank You Docttor. I had a couple of ultra sounds for the follicular study for 2 cycles. The results are that I am completely normal. But will that detect if there is any blockage in my fallopian tubes or any other issues with the fallopian tubes? If that cannot, what test do I need to take?