Can my three weeks pregnant fiancee have an abortion if she has a yeast infection?

Patient: Hi, my fiancee is pregnant and we want to have an abortion. It has been 12 days since the day of her scheduled period, which didn’t arrive. We had scans done, and it was discovered that she has a Yeast Infection. The doctor has warned us that we should get this handled because it could make her unable to have children in the future if we don’t take care of this. I am in Cambodia which is a very poor country where money means a lot to these people, so I don’t trust her completely. We were also told that it is easier to have the abortion when she is at least 30 days pregnant. I highly doubt the veracity of this as well. My question is can she still have this abortion with her Yeast Infection? Also, what medication is best for the abortion? What medication is best to treat the Yeast infection before or after the abortion? How long does it take to kill the Yeast? What are the side effects for both procedures? The safety? I also have scans I would like you to review that we had at the hospital a few days ago. Thanks