Can raw fruits and veggies make Crohn’s symptoms worse?

Patient: I have Crohn’s Disease and I read on this site: that consuming raw veggies and fruit can make symptoms worse, is this true?

Doctor: Let me reassure you that there’s no 100% evidence that what you eat actually causes inflammatory bowel disease. However certain foods and beverages can aggravate your signs and symptom mostly during flare ups.Your physician would suggest you keeping a food diary to keep track of what you’re eating as well as how you feel to rule out the foods that aggravate your condition.Food that contain fiber such as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are considered a good diet, but if you have inflammatory bowel disease, fiber may make diarrhea, pain and gas worse.If raw fruits and vegetables upset your digestion, try steaming, baking or stewing them to facilitate the digestion. ┬áI wish you the best.