Can recurrent UTIs make you crazy?

Patient: I’m 35 and got a recurrent UTI/Kidney infection last year that’s come back every month and landed me in the ER 7x in a month. I not only can’t seem to recover physically, but it’s made me mental. I’ve had aggressive texting episodes that are delusional and I’m embarrassed to learn I did these things and have gotten into legal trouble over it.It’s only when I’m sick and I have no prior psych or medical history. Neuro checked me for encephalopathy but didn’t find any substantial abnormalities in the exam. Could I coincidentally be bipolar? It does run in my family. Or can infections and high fevers cause the behavior? It’s always when I’m sick at the worst points of the illness.

Symptoms: UTI, recurrent kidney infection, fatigue, psychiatric changes, other infections

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of recurrent UTI, fatigue, psychiatric changes, other infections, reg ular ER visits and the aggressive texting episodes and all you have written about.It is not uncommon to have such effect in a patient with recurrent infections. It is good that there is no encephalopathy.Infections and high-grade fever can cause this. It is not predictable how one is going to respond to a particular problem. Bipolar or not – only a Physician or a Psychiatrist can say about it on counselling with you on face to face basis. So please get an opinion of the Psychiatrist too.And more important is the clinical evaluation, and detailed investigations that are necessary to cure your problems.Get a consultation of a Urologist, undergo all the necessary tests to find the root cause, correct it and get cured off the UTI problems.I hope this answers your query.