Can sperm travel through clothing?

Patient: Monday night, my boyfriend and I started making out. We were both fully clothed (he had on pants and underwear and I had on panties and underwear plus we both had on shirts). Eventually this making out led to him being on top of me grinding and dry humping a bit. Through all this, the pants stayed on. He unzipped them once, but I told him I wasn’t comfortable, and he zipped them right back up. He was laying beside me when this happened. Anyways, when I got home and took off my panties, there was a huge wet spot on them I was really wet. I assume this wet spot came from me since it was on the inside of my panties. I’m almost 100% sure that he didn’t ejaculate. But, I can’t tell for certain. I was just wondering if there was a risk of pregnancy with what I did… And, if sperm can swim through all those layers of clothing. Please help to ease my mind… I also want to add that I am a virgin. Since that night, I have had many pregnancy symptoms. Abdominal pain and headaches and I thought I seen a little bit of blood on my toilet paper when I wiped… but idk if it was even really what it was. I’ve been so freaked out and stressed out, that I think my mind is playing tricks on me. Also, the only skin-skin contact we had was when he put his hands in the seat of my pants and grabbed my butt. But, I don’t see where that would pose any kind of pregnancy risk.