Can stressing so much about pregnancy give you symptoms?

Patient: I have been on micrognon 30 for over a year now and since about december, each time i get to my 7 day break i have a major stress about me possibly being pregnant. My period comes on time however this time i’ve got myself in such a stress i’m worrying i could actually be pregnant. I took my last pill on tuesday and i am currently waiting for my period, but the more i think about pregnancy and look on the internet about symptoms the more i feel i get them, like sore breasts, back pain, stomach pains, feeling sick. Can this just all be in my head? The reason i started worrying in the first place was due to a lot of family members and friends getting pregnant

Doctor: I can understand your stress and concern about getting pregnant, however it is difficult to diagnose pregnancy base on t he symptoms you are experiencing. Though there is nothing such as 100% protection, you would definitely be protected against pregnancy if you started taking the oral contraceptives on the first day of your periods and if you took the pills regularly. Do a pregnancy test if you’ve missed your periods. Take care.