Can symptoms of an STD show up years later, besides cancer from hpv?

Patient: My question is the title. I know hpv is not an STD. I had sex only once in my life, 3yrs. ago. Long story short, I fell for a dirtbag, we had oral sex and he did cunnilosis (I know thats not how its spelled) on me and then, not surprisingly, the relationship didn’t work out. I brought condoms but since it was oral sex and the condoms were lubricated I didn’t use one. I have no symptoms of anything but he was a total slut so it would be amazing if I didn’t have anything even if at the time he honestly thought he was clean.I can’t get tested because Im too shy. Its more than shyness, I really can’t go see a gynocologist.Also,I won’t be having sex with anyone or want a relationship with anyone for the rest of my life for a lot of reasons. But I can’t go because its not just embarassing, nervous and the most awkward thing I could go through. I can’t explain it but even if the doctor is good and I know there is no reason to feel like its wierd and I don’t accidently do something,Im afraid of how I might feel afterwards psychologically. I have always been very insecure and paranoid.