Can two drugs be taken together?

Patient: Does Depo Provera and Aygestine have a negative affect on each other or can it be taken together?

Doctor: Hello, Thanks for your query to askthedoctor for an opinion.Both the drugs are of same group and are of somewhat simil ar biological activity. Taken together, these two drugs may cause amenorrhoea or absence of menstrual periods. They suppress the hypothalamic releasing hormones and thereby exert their biological activity. ThIs effect, albeit prolonged, is reversible. Moreover, since ovulation is suppressed, pregnancy is not possible during this period of use. Unscheduled vaginal bleeding as a side effect of Depo Provera is often treated this way, and amenorrhoea is achieved. Their actions are synergistic, and not antagonising in nature since both belong to the same family.I hope it helps.