Can u please tell me what this is

Patient: Can u please tell me what this is

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your question.I would be very happy to try to simply the report, as much as I can. You can refer t o the diagram on internet to correlate more.The heart has two major blood supplying arteries, the right and the left coronary arteries.Out of the two the left one has the blockage.The main stem means before it is divided into branches, there is narrowing (stenosis); The main left coronary artery is divided into 2 branches and the one which supplying the front portion of the heart is called Left Anterior Descending (LAD). This too has narrowing.This findings have given the problem of not supplying the heart muscles in its supplying area reduced force of movements but still the dunction is preserved.Since the blockage is so much, this needs to be corrected by Coronary artery bypass method.In this the arterial graft will be placed to bypass the stenosis so that the blood supply to the affected part is maintained.I hope this clears your doubts in the mind.