Can we take hCG shots for infortility?

Patient: My wife had a benign tumor on her left ovary, so her left over was removed around 6 months back. Now we are trying to get pregnant with one available right ovary. Our ER suggested Clomid for the first time in this cycle (took 6 tablets one each day starting 3rd day of cycle). When ER did an ultrasound two days back which is on 12th day of cycle, he found large follicles but negative in ovulation lest (LH tests). So, Dr suggested that he would give hCG shot on Friday (15th day of cycle) to induce the ovulation.Is it ok to take hCG shots at this time? Are there any side effects?Is it safe to take hCG shots considering the fact she has only one ovary left?Will it cause any problems to the remaining one ovary?Since this is the first cycle trying to conceive, please advice what to do. Can we wait for one or more cycles before we go for hCG shots? Pleasse advice