Can Xylocaine gel be used in numbing first time sex pain?

Patient: I have been having problem of the pain of insertion since i got married.I have tried getting drunk during intercourse and adopting different sex techniques but all to no avail.Could You please recommend a pain numbing cream? I read from the internet that I can use Xylocaine gel 10 percent solution by putting 2 drops on my hymen 15 minutes befrore insertion.How true is that?

Doctor: Dyspareunia is genital pain experienced just before, during or after sexual intercourse. Although this condition has his torically been classified as a psychological sexual disorder, further investigation may be need to rule out any underlying structural cause of the pain. I would suggest that you visit your doctor/obstetrician for an internal examination and imaging studies. The treatment you can try at home are : speak to your partner about your concerns, make foreplay last longer, use a lubricating gel and perform relaxation/kegal exercises.