Can you combine Sudafed PE with Benadryl to combat severe stuffy nose?

Patient: I have gotten a stuffy nose that has lasted a month now. I started to get allergies for the first time in my life this past spring. Claritin D has made that better. Up until a month ago, I got this stuffy nose and the Claritin was not helping and nothing much else has helped since then. I have to ferrets I got in June, but the symptoms started months after having them. There is no mold in the house that I am aware of, so I am assuming that it is some kind of fall allergin possibly. I get a little bit of an itchy throat, ithcy eyes, and my ears even kind of itch a little bit. I have tried all of the following:Claritin DSudafed PE2 different saline nose spraysVicks Sinex Nose sprayVicks Vapor RubVaporizerNeti PotSo far, the only things that have helped are the nose sprays. However, they only last 2-3 hours and I am finding myself having to use more to clear my nose again. I know this is very unhealthy. I would go to a doctor but I have no insurance and I am currently unemployed. MY last stitch hope is maybe combining Benadryl (anti-histamine) with the Sudafed PE (decongestant) because I figured that may help, but I’m not sure if that is dangerous?