Can you get Trichomoniasis with out sex?

Patient: Is there any way to get Trichomoniasis without it being from sex? I was diagnosed with Trichomoniasis and I have only had one partner for years. I’ve been tested 3 times since my sexual partner before my current relationship. One time being a year ago when I had my daughter and before then a few months before. I called that doctor and asked if I had been tested specifically for Trichomoniasis along with the other things and she confirmed that I was tested for it and came out negative. So immediately I’m horrified at the thought that my baby’s father has cheated. Ofcourse I confronted him and he is very convincing that he has been faithful and that I had to have gotten it some other way. I’ve read people saying towels, toilet seats, hot tubs, things to that nature. My question is is that possible? If not, could I have tested negative twice and still been positive? How long can you go with this before experiencing symptoms? Is there anyway to test to see exactly HOW LONG I’ve had this? The father of my child is at question and I’m trying to find some way to clear his name before this relationship ends completely.. Please help me. Is it possible?