Can you have unprotected sex with nexplanon implant????

Patient: Can you have unprotected sex on nexplanon and not get pregnant if you have waited a month since you had nexplanon inserted in your arm to have sex? will nexplanon prevent pregnancy even without a condom on ?

Doctor: Hello,If you have opted for NEXPLANON progesterone implant and it has already been a month , and you haven’t had any breakthrough bleedings , then it is likely that ovulation has been controlled under the progesterone effect and it is safe to have unprotected sex if pregnancy is to be avoided. However you must always remember than implant will not protect you from any STDs. Though complete amenorrhoea occurs in 2-3 months but if nexaplanon has been inserted on the day 2 of previous menses covering the month , then you can consider it safe .As there would be no ovulation and hence no ova to fertilize, there would not be any chances of pregnancy at all, so you are pregnancy safe now.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards