Can you help i have severe abdominal pain and backache?

Patient: I have been experiencing abdominal pain and lower back pain since I had sexual intercourse last week, which was protected with a condom. It has been getting worse and the symptoms keep piling up! I have spells of dizziness and nausea, I have been needing to pee about every hour, I can’t sleep because I am uncomfortable or in too much pain. My stomach feels like a balloon and is like it is going to burst any moment, I have leg cramps and an awful lot of vaginal discharge! I don’t know what is going on and if you think you could help, I would be ever so grateful.

Symptoms: Abdominal pain, shooting pains, lower back ache, leg cramps, nausea, peeing more, insomnia, napping in day, hot flushes to begin with, vagina pain.