Can you please help me

Patient: Hello I’m 17 and I have this cough that where my stomach starts hurting and I want to throw up every time and I have taken musinex and cough medicine but nothing has helped should I go see my doctor?

Symptoms: Coughing, sneezing

Doctor: Thank you for Contacting Ask the doctor.Cough is a reflex reaction of the body to throw out the irritant. It is an exp ulsion reaction. It can be very serious if it is Pertussis and yes it does happen in the adults. I recommend a visit to the physician as cough of that degree of severity can be extremely dangerous as they may cause respiratory arrests. Also pertussis is very contagious and care must be taken.Cough can also be due to an allergic reaction to the dust / other allergens. In this case the cough may be dry and treatment may include use of antihistamines / neurotransmitters.Wet cough / productive cough may be a result of a bronchitis or a lung infection and may need further tests in order to make the diagnosis. Treatment may be directed towards the cause of the disease and may include use of expectorants , antibiotics etc.Wish you good health!