Can you tell me if she is pregnant/ sexually healthy?

Patient: Hi Doctor,My girlfriend and i are worried that she might be pregnant or having problems with her private part. We had sex about 5 months ago and have been doing sexual activities ever since and have tried to be careful. However, recently she noticed her boobs have been growing gradually and eventually became abit sore, they arent sore at the moment. Also her most recent period was very very light, where usually she bleeds heavily, she could only see blood when she wiped. A few days ago i also inserted my fingers into her vagina for sexual activity, my finger nails arent cut short, and today she noticed a pink discharge after wiping. What do you suggest we do and could you tell me the chances of her being pregnant?Thankyou

Symptoms: Light Period, Boobs have grown recently, pink discharge

Doctor: Hello,If the concern is irregularity of periods and often lighter menses then it can be attributed to the stress indu ced hormonal changes which can cause either delay or scanty menses, so any kind of emotional or psychological stressors should be avoided for a healthy cycle.Also, if she has not been on any birth control then it is important for you as a couple to practice barrier contraception keeping in view her fertile period if you intend to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. The symptoms of sore boobs, nausea, headache, lower abdominal ache, mood swings generally indicate premenstrual syndrome or PMS in the absence of pregnancy, and indicate that menses would ensue in few days and they subside after the start of menses, so these are normal otherwise.The present light pink discharge on the wipe could possibly be due to an abrasion injury over vaginal wall due to fingering and not menses if her menses are not due.However, it is suggested that she may get a pap smear done to rule out any cervical erosions or ectopy which can also cause bleeding after sexual activity.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you safe sexual practices,regards