Can you tell me what these CT scans mean? Due

Patient: Can you tell me what these CT scans mean?Due to an insurance error the dr couldn’t see me and the nurse just handed me these papers and said she would get approval and reschedule me.

Can you tell me what these ...-1

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Thanks for posting us about your health issues.There are 2 different CT scans att ached and both have different issues which don’t seem to be unrelated. In your first scan, they mention a lesion which is non-specified by them. This can be a thyroid nodules. So you would require to get FNAC examination with histopathological evaluation for the same. Also, you would require to get a Thyroid profile. In fact, you can also go for radioactive thyroid isotope scan which also pics these nodules and is relatively a non-invasive and safe procedure.Your CT Chest is suggestive of Pulmonary nodules. They mention that they are benign in nature. So usually we leave them as such and a follow-up scan is recommended every year. If a doctor has any doubt on these nodules based on your blood reports and history they also order CT guided FNAC and Histopathological examination of the nodule.Your lung nodule, since they say is benign should not be troublesome for you. But your Thyroid nodule requires attention.Share my opinion with your doctor as soon as you meet him.Wish you a good health.Stay Healthy.