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Patient: Can your liver fully repair its self after abstaining from alcohol. What I mean is if you are a reasonably heavy drinker will , will regular alcohol breaks to get your GGT levels back to normal allow full liver repair and not increase the risk of cirrhosis?

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Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.It all depends on the injury that has already taken place.If there is only alcohol-induced fatty liver, it usually improves after abstainYes your liver enzymes are raised which are probably due to alcohol consumption. Since you have stopped alcohol consumption, your liver enzymes are improving and gradually they will reach the normal limits.I would advise you to get Ultrasound Abdomen done to see for status of the liver.You would require to stick to “No Alcohol” regimen and reduce your weight, reduce fat in diet and if required your doctor may prescribe you Ursodeoxycholic Acid for the same. Make sure that you don’t take any painkillers without your doctor’s advice.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy

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Patient: In my case I get 6 monthly ultrasounds(I have Gallbladder polyps which need to be monitored on a regular basis, still only 3mm in size at this stage), at this point in time I don’t have any liver damage and do not have fatty liver diagnosis (Have had previous fatty liver diagnosis). Yes my enzymes are raised due to alcohol ,but my weight is optimal at present. My main question is does the liver reset itself so to speak? as I have had raised levels before only to abstain for a week or two and have my levels return to normal.

Doctor: Hi, yes liver is a highly regenerating organ. It helps itself and you to regenerate if the offending agent is eliminated.
Stop alcohol. You would be fine.

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