Can your primary doctor tell difference between abortion and miscarriage

Patient: Can your primary doctor tell the difference between an abortion an a miscarriage

Doctor: Thanks for consulting us. Abortion and Miscarriage are synonymous. Both have similar meaning, The meaning is termination of pregnancy before fetus become viable. It can be spontaneous or medical termination. Treatment depends upon type of abortion. If you have any concerns further, consult Gynaecologist.

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Guest: Respected Doctor,My wife has taken both the two medicines mifepristone and misoprostol for medical abortion from 09/06/14 and the major bleeding process has ended on 12/06/14 but little bleeding process has continued upto 21/06/14.On 28/06/2014 we had sex and she has taken FEMILON one pill on that night.Today is 01/07/14 we tried to make a pregnency test at home with PREGANEWS.Result is:two lines appeared but one is deep and another is little bit faint.She dont want to be pregnent just now.What should i do now?Wheather should i wait more days for Preg Test?