Patient: What does all of this mean? What questions should I ask the doctor?Lab results:Protein, Total, Serum 9.6 (High)Albumin, Serum 3.2 (Low)Globulin, Total 6.4 (High)A/G Ratio 0.5 (Low)MRI Summary says:Multi focal bone marrow lesions consistent with hematopoietic / mestastatic / myeloma or similar disease. Extra osseous disease at L3 crowds the anterior spinal canal and the right L34 foramina. There is also right extra osseous disease at T12 crowding the right T11-T12 foramina and slightly encroaching on the lateral canal. Consideration might be given to imaging of the remainder of the spine for other areas of canal encroachment.

Symptoms: Back pain, leg pain numbness