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Q: I am continuously feeling a sensation in my elbow like my arm is being bent backwards. It's almost like a phantom pain, but I still have my limb. I don't exactly feel pain, but some mental projection like my body is reacting to a severely dislocated elbow. I'm a perfectly healthy 34 year old male- other than being slightly overweight.

I'm not on any drugs, alcohol, or medications.

It also seems connected with my thoughts... It happens sometimes very sharply after a negative or depressing thought and is so aggressive that it feels like a person is sitting in a control room turning a torture device dial on me according to my thoughts and actions. Rather than being a medical condition, it feels like a person is trying to communicate with me but lacks the ability or intelligence to speak and simply twists my arms to get attention. It doesn't ever communicate specific needs or commands, only displeasure- like a crying baby.

It has been continuing for several months now exercise seems to have lessened it's strength, but after several months of exercise the problem still persists. I can't be jogging 24/7.

Is there any medical basis for such a situation or does god really exist and I'm just stuck in hell being tortured?

Symptoms:  Imaginary pain and sensation of dislocated elbow

A:   Thank you for your question. We are very sorry that you are experiencing this worrisome illness and we will try to shed some light on what could be happening with you. Your pain symptoms seem to be a primarily perceived phenomenon versus being a related to an actual medical problem. What we mean by this is that you could be suffering from a mental illness that is causing this. A mental illness that you could be suffering from that is causing your illness is called schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a mental illness wherein the patients experiences abnormal beliefs that they perceive as real. Furthermore symptoms of paranoia, auditory hallucinations (hearing voices), and confused thinking are involved. Sometimes auditory hallucinations can be so strong that the perceived voices that one hears can lead the patient to act on them. We are concerned that you may be suffering from a form of schizophrenia and we recommend that you seek medical attention to have this evaluated. This is most likely done by a psychiatrist in a hospital or outpatient setting. This is the best way to assist you in treating what we believe to be is a mental illness. Treatment includes psychiatry therapy and medication prescribed and monitored by a psychiatrist. Please seek medical attention as soon as you can.

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Patient: Screw you.

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