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Cant fall asleep even while taking ambien

Patient: So i normally always have sleeping issues where it takes me an hour to go to bed and stuff. but recently the past week and ahalf i find myself not being able to fall asleep for about 6 hours then i only fall asleep for like 2-3 hours and cant fall back asleep.I even took an ambien and i just layed there for 3 hours before i knocked out for only 2 awake most of the night my schedules are- i go to bed at 6am and wake up at 3PM everyday. usually ill just have problems going to bed for an hour but eventually fall asleep for about 7 hours straight. like i mentioned above the past week n a half i take sleeping pills like ambien and they do nothing for me. mind you i only taken ambien 3 times before in my life.



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Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of disturbed sleep timing.If I read correctly, you are having sleepin g issues where you take an hour to go to bed and fall asleep; now for one and half weeks not being able to fall asleep for about 6 hours and can sleep for 2-3 hours and cannot fall asleep.Even with Ambien (zolpidem), no sleep for 3 hours and then slept only for 2 hours.Now your schedules are- you go to bed at 6 am and wake up at 3 pm everyday – Ambien not helping and you have taken Ambien only for 3 times in you life.Your history is classically indicative of the changed sleep pattern and ambien is not working for you.The commonest causes for this are:Stress, anxiety.Changed working pattern.For someone who suffers from jet-lag.It is known that this medicine called Ambien may make you sleepy during the day.You have to tell your doctor who has prescribed you about this strange happening. Your dose may need to be adjusted. This is a strictly a prescription medicine.Also, try to find out the trigger which has changed this and discuss with your Doctor so that he can help you with Another medicines if needed.These things are known to get corrected on their own, if the sleep pattern is not reverting back to normal, your Doctor will adjust the dose or change medication.I hope this answer helps you, please feel free to ask for further relevant queries if you need to or if you feel that there is a gap-of-communication.

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Patient: i cannot yet again fall asleep.
tonight i took a xanax (which i normally dont take) also a pm advil pill and still nothing i lay here totally awake.
is this something serious? it came out of nowhere, i normally just had regular insomnia my whole life.

Doctor: Got your feedback.
This may not be something serious, you need a good clinical evaluation by your Physician and investigations accordingly to get the adjusted dosages of the medicines as per the Doctor’s advise.
I was just wondering to know that you can get these medicines only on the prescriptions- is it that you have already been under the treatment. Please give details.


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