Can’t help but itch wounds and afraid of scarring

Patient: I have some wounds that are healing from a previous accident and they are scabs at this point. Though they are quite large the doctor saw them and decided i didn’t need wound care and they could heal naturally. The problem with them is that they itch really badly and though I try not to itch them sometimes it’s overwhelming and I have to. Also i am afraid that since they are rather large they will leave a permanent mark on my body. Do you have any advice on these issues? The enclosed picture is just one of many of the wounds and it’s small compared to some of the others

Symptoms: Itching large healing scab wounds

Can't help but itch wounds ...-1

Doctor: Thank you for your questions. The formation of scabs is your body’s natural method of protecting a wound while it heals underneath. Excessive scratching of the scab can lead to increased risk of infection of the wound, delayed healing, and permanent scarring. Given the size of the wounds, it is possible that you will develop a scar after it heals, however if you refrain from scratching, the scar will not be as prominent. Try you your best to refrain from scratching.Thank you for consulting