Can’t loose weight too fast?

Patient: A very obese friend of mine was told that something in her blood work told a doctor that she shouldn’t loose weight too fast. I am curious to what kinds of things would cause that doctor to be cautious.

Doctor: Generally speaking, slow steady weight loss is always healthier than rapid weight loss and I agree with your friends doc tors suggestion.  Slow steady weight loss is often an indication of a healthy lifestyle change as opposed to extreme dietary restrictions or unsustainable exercise regimes that will result in putting the weight back on once stopped.Specific medical conditions need to be monitored more frequently during weight loss to prevent adverse events from taking place. Such medical conditions include asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, hypertension, renal disease, thyroid disorder, cancers involving chemotherapy treatment and anemia’s.  I am not sure which one applies to your friend.

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Guest: my wife is 50 and has copd she still smokes she has gone from weighting 130 down to 95 she visits the dr every 3 m0. she says she is just not hungry the blood work comes back fine im worried she is losing to much or it wont stop she says she feels fine can you help