Can’t Sleep

Patient: Why does my heart beat so fast randomly, when I’m trying to sleep, that it wakes me up and I find myself hyperventilating?

Symptoms: Shortness of breath, upper abdomen is tight, easily winded, obese, burping but it feels forced and not clearing the gas from my stomach, straining to poop and barely anything comes out, increased heart rate at night when trying to sleep

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Random increases in heart rate could be due to anxiety, an overactive thyroid, or even an u nderlying cardiac arrhythmia. Shortness of breath also puts you at further risk of losing consciousness due to hypoxemia. We recommend that you return to your doctor to be evaluated for a cardiovascular etiology of your problem.Given fact that you are obese, another common cause of your symptoms could be due to sleep apnea. This is where one stops breathing for short periods of time during sleep and suddenly awake gasping for air. This is caused by over relaxation of the muscle tone of the throat so much that blocks the flow of air while breathing.Without further examination and testing we will be unable to determine the exact source of your problem. Please see your doctor as soon as you can.Thank you for choosing