Can’t tell if it’s an actual STD or not

Patient: Had sex with a girl, weird small mark on lower lip, doesn’t hurt. Could it be an STD?

Symptoms: I don’t really have many symptoms. Umm, there’s a small burning sensation at the end of my penis, but it’s relieved when I urinate. It’s only been a few days since intercourse.

Can't tell if it's an actua...-1

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The lesion on your lip does not appear to be a cold sore, and may simple just be an inflame d comedone (pimple). We are concerned with urethral burning you are experiencing. This may be indicative that you have contracted an STI. We recommend that you promptly go to your doctor to be examined and tested for sexually transmitted infections. If diagnosed, you may be prescribed antibiotics to effectively treat this possible infection. The most common type of STIs which cause these types of symptoms are gonorrhea and chlamydia, both of which can be effectively treated with antibiotics.Thank you for consulting