Can’t Urinate and A lot of Blood in Urine

Patient: My father will be 83 in two weeks. He has had three episodes now where he can not urinate and there are pockets of bright red blood in his urine. My sister said he has had a lot of blood in his urine. He had a catheter put in for now and will follow up with a urologist. His last episode caused the doctors to admit him to hospital over the weekend. The doctors and nurses keeps asking if he had any infections or other illnesses. He says no but the nurses and the doctors don’t seem to be buying his answers. My father has always had a fear of doctors and surgery so now my sisters and I think that he may have been having issues or was even told he had an infection but never gotten it taken cared of. We are waiting to hear results from the urologist he is supposed to see tomorrow but we are wondering if this is a sign of cancer or an infection that he hadn’t gotten help with. Can someone help shed some light on what may be going on with him?

Symptoms: A lot of blood in urine and can’t urinate