Car accident injuries

Patient: I was in a car accident where I was rear ended and slammed my head on steering wheel and lost consciousness. I have cuts and bruising on my head,right knee,left thigh, lower back and torso. Especially where the seatbelt was. I am unable to shower due to the pain in the wounds and my body is sore and I am unable to sleep and in a lot of pain. Tried otc meds but they don’t help.




Symptoms: Sore,bumps,bruises, cuts,headache

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Doctor: Thank you for your question. We strongly recommend that you get immediately examined by a doctor at your nearest emergen cy department. These bruising and cuts you have sustained may be the least serious of injuries that you have. In fact, you may sustained fractured ribs, or even a neck injury known as whiplash. These need to be thoroughly investigated for by a doctor so treatment could be started immediately. Please seek medical attention.Thank you for consulting

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