Cardiac Bypass Surgery

Patient: My question is My mom is 75 and has been told she is in need of having Bypass surgery is this safe at her age? also do they still open the whole chest to preform this surgery? I have been reading where they don’t and want to make sure this is a safe surgery for her to under go I do realize with every surgery there is a risk of some kind thank you so much for any help you can offer!

Symptoms: Actually this question is regarding my mom she has been told she need Bypass surgery and was wondering at the age of 75 is this a safe surgery? As a nurse I work with elderly patients but she’s looking to me for advice and the more I research the more confusing it becomes I just want to make sure this is safe for her she is 75 and generally good health and do they still open the whole chest? thanks

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Heart bypass surgery are done when your coronary arteries are blocked. The block is remo ved by using another artery or blood vessel. These can be:Internal mammary arteriesSaphenous veinRadial arteryGastroepiploic arteryUsually, more than 3 arteries are bypassed in the same surgery. In the modern-day, the traditional surgery with a 7 inch cut has been replaced with a minimally invasive surgery of just 3 inches. Here are the benefits:- A smaller incision- A shorter hospital- Quicker recoveryTalk to your Doctor to see if you can get a minimally invasive surgery done.