Cardio Ablation survivor

Patient: I have had,been in A Fib, went through a session of cardio version, which worked, but soon I reverted back into A Fib. I went through two Ablation procedures, and now am NOT in A Fib, but I do have a bit of an irregular heart beat. In addition to that is where my question lies. I am a 48 year old male, I do not smoke, but I dip tabacco. I dirnk on occassion, but not daily. I am retired military, but a bit over weight at 240 lbs, at 5 feet 11 inches.My resting heart rate is around 115, my blood pressure is usually around 140over92. I try to exercise regularly and that is where I notice weird issues. Here isa breakdown of where I stand at this time:4:50 pm, heart rate HR: 114, BP 144over102, went out for three mile jog walk, HR after running, 216, walked to cool down, returned to house, 5:53 pm, HR 104 and irregular, BP 140over92, 6:00 pm HR 84 and irregular, 6:15 pm, HR 68 and steady.My cardiologist recommends that I do not go on any medicine and we just continue to monitor this and see what happens.Is this the right diagnosis? Will this get better if I just stick to a workout routine?Am I at risk continuing to exercise like this?Thank you.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Based on the description of heart rate in response to exercise, it seems as though that thi s is a normal response to walking, running, rest and recovery. Given the fact that you had a Cardiac ablation procedure, and you currently have an irregular beat, your heart function will be altered, but to make the decision to place you on medication requires you to be in eminent danger of a cardiovascular event whose risk can be reduced by taking medication. Based on your description, we do not see this is so. Please follow up with your cardiologist regularly to assess the function of your heart. Should you develop any chest pain, shortness of breath or dizziness during exertion or otherwise, please seek medical attention immediately.Thank you for consulting