Cardio issues to worry about?

Patient: In July 2011 I fractured my heel. I was instructed to stay completly off of it so I did. I than got divorced and lost my insurance but my heel didn’t get worse so I just stayed off it. Well 2 months ago (Oct 2013) my heel stopped bothering me so I want to get back into working out since I am a vet I was in good shape before thos happened. My question is how worried should I be about my cardio vascular health? What should I start doing to build up my heart health or should I be ok? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. How long can a person go befor you need to worry about heart issues since I haven’t worked out at all but have been active like up and moving around the house and garage. I’m worried about working out and having a heart attack, is that a legitimate concern in my situation?

Doctor: I congratulate you for your concern regarding your health and health conditions. It is really good to get back, Exercise is anytime good for health.As you said, you used to work out heavily before, you can’t do the same thing now.You need to start from the beginning, you need to go step by step, increase day by day and can get back to your routine. Do have a check, any unusual symptoms, you may have to reduce your work out or may have to discontinue. Good luck.