Cardio pulmonary improvement please.

Patient: BP 112/71 HR 159 taken a couple of minutes just after running outside about a mile in 61 degree weather slight humidity. No known heart problems after having cardiogram, heart X-ray, heart stress test where I layed there and they injected two liquids, the first to see the flow through my heart and the other to make my heart beat faster while I was laying motionless in a scanner. Every EKG I’ve had they said looked fine. I did have period of time that I hardly exercised, lethargic, smoked and drank pretty heavily. But I haven’t smoked in about two years now and and rarely have a drink. I do have some chest pain from time to time mostly left side but some times right, it’s never crippling pain but it does make me want to stop moving out of fear. I have had some violent sneazing and coughing in the past year and a half but that seems to have subsided mostly. I’m thinking it could be due to the decade of smoking on and off. I’m 29 years old and a dude with no known heart problems on my moms side of the family as it’s the only side I know of. But am I just out of shape? I’ve been trying to do some cardio every day, I at least have gotten 5 days a week I fortune past three weeks, probly more. Is there anything out here that sounds like this? I don’t have money or insurance so I can’t see a specialist. I just want to be able to run like I was 25 again. I hear stories of people being in their 40s and the best shape of their life well I’m not even 30 yet.

Symptoms: Occasional chest pain and/ or head ache