Cardiology or anxiety

Patient: I am 25 years old men , having all sort of pain like front neck left side pain , left shoulder pain , left arm pain , left arm wrist pain , but i went to all doctors , taken all test ecg , echo , stress all got normal , my blood also got normal . my pain vanished after i run 1 km . after along run i forget the pain and relaxed. but after some time my pain coming. it coming on morning , noon . i am very much worried that i have angina… please help me

Symptoms: Left arm pain , wrist pain , shoulder pain , front neck left side pain , its not like a pain but it is uncomfortable. chest discomfort

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for choosing “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.Angina pain will increase with exercise and instead your pain is decreasing with exercise. The exercise causes the release of feel good hormones called endorphins and this reduce the anxiety. So if your pain is getting relieved with exercise then it is likely to be anxiety related. Such pains are called somatoform disorder. These pains get relieved with medicines such as mirtazapine or escitalopram etc. Also relaxation therapy provided by a clinical psychologist will also help in reducing discomfort.Meanwhile for the temporary pain relief, you may use OTC acetaminophen 500mg as required but for permanent cure, do meet your doctor and discuss the above mentioned treatment options.Hope I am able to answer your concerns.Wish you good health!

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Patient: Thank you very much sir , this symtoms starts 4 years before . but till now i dont get any change, still now also i am having pain only in my left arm and left shoulder only. i went to many doctors , all saying that i am fine . i want a good one. i want live my life happily with out all these symtoms. i am worried a lot. if i play footbal for half an hour then my pain will go for 1 hours then again morning i will come. dizziness also started. one doctor gave me a tablet called manking placida . this medicine helped me a lot . i become normal and happy for 6 months . but now mankind placida is stopped . now again i am getting more severe pain. please suggest me.