Cardiothoracic surgeon interview s

Patient: Hi my name is Aurelie , I am a student from Doctors charter school of Miami shores. I was assigned to do a powerpoint on what proffession I want to do so I chose to research about cardiothoracic surgery. I needed to interview a surgeon or a specialist on cardiothoracic surgery .Please read these questions and if you can send me back your answers. Thank you *;) winkingHere are the interview questions1. Are they any common complications after or during the operation ?2. How many surgeries have done in your entire career ?3. What is ” plan b” if the surgery cannot be performed for some reason ?4. What types of health care providers are involved in cardiothoracic surgery ?5. How long does it take to recover from heart surgery ?6. What made you choose this job ?Do you like your job ?How much do you like your job?7. On your first operation, were you nauseous seeing a large amount of blood?8. If its possible, can you send me a profile of you through via email ?as you see my email address is [email protected] thank you for your time *;) winking

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