Carpal tunnel syndrome

Patient: I need to ask if I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my hands because its a bit painful when I am trying to right or try to do cross stitch

Symptoms: I have sore hands and I don’t know if its carpal tunnel syndrome

Doctor: Hi, I am very pleased to be assisting you with your health question today.Yes, it may be a possibility that you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you should see your doctor, it is a clinical diagnosis or in confusion, it can be confirmed by nerve conduction velocity test.Hope this helps and provides answers to your question.If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to ask me again I wish you good health.

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Guest: Hi i was supposed to be having an operation on tuesday june 17th 2014 in hospital, but i just had my blood pressure done as i had been having palpitations and was concerned so i went to the doctors as i thought it could be stressed related as i am very nervous about it and she tested my blood pressure which she said was a little bit high so she said she can`t put me on any medication as i was going in hospital in a few days. i had to go to the hospital yesterday for some swabs done and blood pressure done again,again they said it was a little high so she said she will see the anaesthetist she can rang me back this afternoon to say with my blood pressure being a little high the anaesthetist said it was to much of a risk to have the operation so they contacted my doctors for me and i have to be monitored now for 24 hours and put me on some medication, so my operation has been cancelled. could you please tell me what could the risk be .